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20+ killed in Ethopia during anti-Muslim attack





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Experts suggest no one should still be dying from COVID





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Elon Musk promises free speech upon purchasing Twitter





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Mask mandate lifted for travelers





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Israel agrees to help Ukraine





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Ventilation makes public transit safer from spread of COVID-19





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Russia: US sanctions could force Putin to focus on economy rather than war





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China: Imports fall as COVID outbreaks and lockdowns impact demand





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Person of interest identified in Brooklyn subway train attack





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EU has given more money to Russia than Ukraine since beginning of War





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California Denounes Bill To Make Human Trafficking a Violent Crime





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Current COVID vaccines allegedly not strong against BA.2 -FDA





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Los Angeles considering the end to Vaccine Verification for citizens





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Russia claims to be building a new "democratic world order" with China





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Joe Biden receives Second Covid Booster on Live TV





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Biden's approval rating plummets





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FBI warns that Russian hackers are probing U.S. energy companies' networks





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COVID-19 variant BA.2, more infections in the US?





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Zelenskyy reminds the world of Perl Harbor, begging Biden for help





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Pfizer requests FDA to authorize second booster for people 65+





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COVID-19 cases rise in Europe after what seemed to be the end





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Newsom proposes California tax rebate for highest Gas costs in nation





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Ukraine claims Russia bombed children's hospital in Mariupol





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New Florida Department of Health guidance suggests Covid-19 vaccine does not benefit healthy 5- to 17-year-olds





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ACLU attempt to block Texas from investigating parents of trans youth





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Russia Potentially Threatening "Nuclear War" with deployment of paratroopers





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Americans able to order more free at-home Covid-19 tests soon





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U.S. truckers protest pandemic following Canadian counterparts





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Covid cases plummet from U.S. pandemic high, mask mandates lifted





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How the Ukraine Crisis is affecting Americans





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Biden rejects Trump's attempt to conceal White House visitor logs, including day of January 6 event





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U.S. deaths throughout pandemic surpassed 1 million, with other diseases adding to the toll





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REPORT: Russia is increasing troops near Ukraine, not withdrawing





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Biden's message to LGBTQ children as Florida advances 'Don't Say Gay' bill





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Ukraine projects calm over Russia fears despite U.S rhetoric





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Fauci claims that COVID-19 pandemic is almost over in the U.S





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Putin declares the West disregarded Russia's key concerns on Ukraine





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Scientist warns COVID will always be an epidemic virus






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Senate split on approach to Biden's Supreme Court situation





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Biden administration to withdraw Covid-19 regulations for businesses





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Ukrainian Foreign Minister announces Russian troop numbers insufficient for full invasion





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11 cases of new omicron sub-variant BA.2 detected in California,





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West Virginia sports legends urge Joe Manchin to engage with voting-rights bill





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U.S. to provide $200 million in aid to Ukraine military during crisis





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Russia to potentially double troops on Ukraine's borders on short notice





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U.S Residents eligible for FREE at-home COVID test kits as of Jan. 19th





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Biden Requests Filibuster Adjustments to Pass Voting Rights





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Dr. Fauci's Financial Disclosure Revalations





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Head of FDA Suggests Most People Will Get COVID-19, U.S. Reaches Record Hospitaliations





antigen test

CDC Tells People to use Antigen Tests when Testing out of Isolation after Five Days






Senate Trying to Avoid Government Shutdown





stop vaccine mandate

Biden's Vaccine Mandates are being Challenged






New COVID Variant, Omicron, Arrives in U.S.





Fast Food

Scientists say that Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals are found in Fast Food





Rising Prices

Labor Shortages Continue as Companies Fight High Costs





School Picture Day

School Picture 'Retouch' Trend has Parents Outraged 





Colin Powell

Colin Powell, first Black US secretary of state, dies of Covid-19 complications amid cancer battle





democrat bill

Democrats' Voting Rights Bill hit Crossroads






When to Turn Back Clocks for 2021 Daylight Saving Time





chicken sandwich

Popeyes Customer Served Moldy Chicken Sandwich





no mandate

Covid Vaccine Mandate





mexican immigration

Biden will Reinstate Trump's "Remain in Mexico" Policy





covid test

At-Home COVID Test Recalled after Large Number of False Positives






McDonald's Worker Fired after Messing with Customer's Drink and Posting a Video of it to TikTok






Facebook Outage Involving Instagram and WhatsApp






New Study Reveals likely cause of Alzheimer's





student loan forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness: Who will and will not be eligible





statue of liberty

Democrats Search for Immigration Plan B





vaccine passport

COVID Vaccine Mandates Information






Shortages and Rising Prices,manufacturing%20issue%2C%20it%20can%20cause%20an%20immediate%20shortage.





social media

New Poll Reveals Majority of Voters are "Very Nervous" abou the Impact of Social Media on Kids





many vaccines

Biden Outlines Covid Vaccine Mandate Plan





no internet

Study Says, Solar Superstorm could Knock out the Internet Worldwide





dark web

Children's Personal Info is all over the Dark Web and it's hard to Stop It





working from home

People are Still Working from Home Due to COVID-19






COVID-19 Mu Variant






Remains of a Dead Teenager from 7,200 Years Ago have been found Revealing a Previously Unknown Group of Humans






Hurricane Ida Entergy System Update





Texas Law Banning Abortions after about 6 Weeks takes Effect





Everything is in Short Supply




virus origins report

Report on the Virus's Origins was Delivered to Biden from U.S. Intelligence Agencies




tp shortage

Some Costco Stores are out of Toilet Paper and Water as Consumers Stockpile Items Amid the Delta Variant Spreading




delta variant

Positive News on the Delta Variant could be Helping the Economy




covid booster

COVID-19 Booster Shots Now Recommended by US Health Officials




tropical storm

Tropical Storms Update




asteroid to hit earth

Bennu the Asteroid Might Hit Earth by Sept. 24th, 2182





$1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Passed by the Senate




grocery delivery

Grocery Delivery is No Longer a Luxury of American Life





Portion of $600 Million Stolen in Huge Crypto Heist Returned by Hackers




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CVS Increases Pay and Cuts Education Requirments to Gain Workers




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$1.5 Billion in Student Debt has been Cancelled by the Biden Administration: What to Look for Next




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New Eviction Ban Effective through Oct. 3rd Issued by the CDC




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Biden Ends US Mission in Iraq




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Simone Biles Withdrawal from the Olympics





Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of the ADA




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The Latest on Covid-19 in the U.S.





Scientists Found a Virus in Human Cancer Cells 50 Years Ago




thoughts convert to speech

Paralyzed Man's Brain Waves Converted to Speech




covid vaccine

What you Need to Know about Breakthrough COVID Cases




kidney donations

2 Coworkers Donate Kidney to Each Other's Husband




working teen

Many Teens Join the Workforce Just in Time




breaking quorum

Dramatic Departure from Texas House Democrats





Transcript of President Biden's Speech on Voting Rights




Confirmed Death Toll in Florida Condo Collapse Rises to 46




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GOP Negotiators Upset over Biden's Handling of Infrastructure Deal




credit reporting

Fixing Our Nation's Consumer Reporting System




credit report

Major Credit Reporting Reform Passed by U.S. House





Walmart Introduces a More Affordable Insulin



frozen shrimp

Shrimp Recall Nationwide




Tracking the Delta Variant Spread in the U.S.





Keeping an Eye on Stress Levels as we Return to Not-So-Normal




period issues

4,000 Women Report Issues with Period after Receiving COVID-19 Shot




interview process

Backing out of the Hiring Process without Burning Bridges





Juneteenth Approved to Become a Federal Holiday




worker burnout

Burnout Symptoms may be Faced by Returning Office Employees, but here is how Employers can Help





Several TurboTax Accounts Hacked





Depression and Lessened Wellbeing Linked to Defying Natural Body Clock




offshore windfarms

Hinderances to Biden's Climate Plan





Travel Recommendations Eased on Many Countries by U.S. CDC




mental health   Edit

Mental Health




covid 19 origins

COVID-19 Origins Investigation




labor shortage

Shortages in Labor Expected to Decline Significantly by the Fall




Meals on Wheels 2

2.4 Million US Seniors Provided Food and Company by Meals on Wheels Volunteers




$2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Proposed by Biden





Few Cases of Heart Inflammation Among the Young and Vaccinated Under Investigation by the CDC





107 Year Old Survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Seeks Justice




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Pandemic Isolation is Addressed by Student Mentoring Program




22 States that are Cutting Extra Unemployment Benefits this Summer



The Torch of the Fair Housing Fight Burns Bright in Minnesota | Lawyers'  Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Housing Discrimination Complaint Filed after Removal of Black Identifiers Leads to Major Appraisal Increase




Elon Musk reveals he has Asperger′s syndrome | News | DW | 09.05.2021

On SNL, Elon Musk reveals that he has Asperger syndrome.






Full Copy of 2021 American Rescue Plan





Vaccine Update